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In 1997, the World Kindness Movement was formed during a conference in Tokyo hosted by the Small Kindness Movement of Japan. The conference was attended by representatives from groups around the world who were concerned about the falling levels of kindness in the broad community. The Australian Kindness Movement, representing Australia, is a charter member of this body, and proudly accepts the challenge to create a kinder and friendlier world for present and future generations. Other charter member countries are Canada, England, Japan, Scotland, Singapore, Thailand and the USA. Countries that have joined since 1997 are India, Italy, Nepal, Nigeria, New Zealand and South Korea. Total membership of the participating groups in the World Kindness Movement is approximately three million people.

The 'declaration of kindness', signed by representatives of the countries present at the 1997 conference, reads as follows:

"In acknowledgment of the fundamental importance of simple human kindness as a basic condition of a satisfying and meaningful life, we hereby declare the establishment of the World Kindness Movement.

Through the individual networks in each country and the formation of this global network, we pledge to join together to build a kinder and more compassionate world."

As more countries join the World Kindness Movement, the ability to bring about positive global change will gather momentum, and the possibility of world kindness (and also world peace), can be within our grasp.

If you use the link below to access the World Kindness Movement site, there are links to World Kindness Movement members.


There are many more organisations promoting kindness world wide. Some of the sites the search engines select under "kindness" seem to be more focussed on selling merchandise rather than giving advice on how to create a kinder and more friendly world.

One site you could visit every day is The Hunger Site, www.thehungersite.com. By visiting this site, you are performing an act of kindness by providing food to help keep people alive. Each time you visit the site and click on the icon, the sponsors of the site will pay for a cup of food for a starving person.

The names given below are those of organisations in Australia that promote kindness in one way or another. If you would like to contact any in relation to joining or donating money, please consult your White Pages directory. Some of them require volunteers.

Amnesty International www.amnesty.org.au

Apex Clubs of Australia www.apex.org.au

Barnardos www.barnardos.org.au

Big Brothers/Big Sisters

Big Brother Movement www.bbmyouthsupport.asn.au

Boys Brigade www.brigadeaustralia.org

Bush Regeneration Society

Community Support Network

Country Women's Association www.cwa.com.au

Girl Guides www.guidesaus.org.au

Girls Brigade www.brigadeaustralia.org

Global Learning Communities (TAS)

Helping Homeless Youths - Sydney 9558 9953

Legacy www.legacy.com.au

Lions Club www.lionsclubs.org.au

Men of the Trees (WA)

Meals on Wheels (NSW) www.nswmealsonwheels.org.au

Mission Australia www.mission.com.au

Red Cross www.redcross.org.au

Rotary www.rotary.org

RSPCA (one job they need volunteers for is walking their dogs) www.rspca.org.au

St John Ambulance www.stjohn.org.au

Salvation Army www.salvos.org.au

Scouts Australia www.scouts.com.au

Your local hospital

Consult the white pages for your nearest branch, or check the Yellow Pages under the heading Clubs - Community.

Organisations that recruit young people (such as the Scouts/Guides, Boys/Girls Brigade) provide wonderful community skills training for young people.

There is also an organisation that will give the details of groups who need volunteers if you give them a call. They can be found in the White Pages of each state under "Volunteering . . . (name of state or territory)"

Who have we missed? Please advise us and we will include them when this site is next updated. If the organisation's network is not national, please mention the city or state where it is located.

If we rely more on our hearts rather than our heads to navigate through life, we will not only experience greater enjoyment, we will also be setting an example that will be tempting for others to follow. Kindness is a 'heart to heart' communication, an experience that many people hunger for. Mother Teresa pointed out that "there is hunger for ordinary bread, and there is hunger for love, for kindness, for thoughtfulness; and this is the great poverty that makes people suffer so much". As the reality of being kinder to each other spreads throughout the world under the auspices of the World Kindness Movement and other kindness organisations, the character of people will change to express a more friendly and positive relationship. The heightened sense of relating to others will help dissipate the meanness created by our competitive, greedy, and materialistic society.

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"Let's live life with audacious dreams and big hearts". (Steve Jobs)

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